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Scroll through to see how our growing family continues to live a healthy lifestyle through our meal plan, monthly challenges, and pressing play on our fitness programs.

Here’s a look at how our community members feel about setting their goal and achieving it:

Many of our members are proud champions of our 10 in Ten Club – are you ready to be a part of it? Entering our 10 in Ten Club is simple: weigh yourself on the first and tenth day of the challenge. If you lose ten pounds or ten inches within the first ten days, you’re in the club!

"Body FX changed my life!"
"With Body FX, I've lost 30 pounds."
"I lost 16 inches around my waist alone!"


Meet some of our greatest success stories and be inspired by their fitness transformations…


Lost 110 LBS!

My name is Karrie. I’m from England. I’m a single mother of two children, and I’m a teacher. Before Body FX, things were really difficult. I was the unhealthiest I’d ever been. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as my…



Lost 76 LBS!

Hi, I’m Leah, I’m a mother of three, and a high school English teacher. I have lost 76 pounds with Body FX. I have been overweight my entire life, and so I had just kind of accepted the fact that this is your life, you’re going to be a bigger person.



Lost 66 LBS!

My name is Gina, I’m a nail technician, and I come from Jersey, which is a small Island off the coast of France. I’ve been doing Figure 8 Fitness for six months now. I’ve lost 66 pounds and I’ve just changed my…



Lost 42 LBS!

My name is Ilene. I am a mother of a special needs teenager, and I’m an industrial organizational psychologist. Before Body FX, my health and weight were getting out of hand. I was stuck in a lazy person’s lifestyle…



Lost 100 LBS!

My name is Chrystal I’m from Pennsylvania, and I wiggled away 100 pounds with Body FX! I was morbidly obese, not just obese, not overweight, I was morbidly obese. I had asthma, my metabolism was shot…



Lost 50 LBS!

My name is Meredith, I’m from Alabama. I’m 53 years young, and I have two adult children. Before I found Body FX, I started gaining weight and…



Lost 40 LBS!

Hi, I’m Tina from India. I have lost 40 pounds and 62 inches. I was a sad woman before Body FX happened. I lost my brother. I remember I was so depressed. I was feeling so low. I could not share my inner…



Down from size 22 to 4!

I’m Kimberlee. I’m from Michigan. I have seven children. I am now 54 years old and I’ve lived a lot of life and it hasn’t always been this good place that I finally have. For at least 50 of those….



Together Lost Over 110 lbs!

Hi, I’m Koreen and I’m a V.P. at a software company. Hi I’m John, I’m a teacher. We have seven kids. Our oldest is 21 and our youngest is 12. Together we’ve lost over 110 pounds with Figure 8. Our typical…



Lost 35 LBS!

Hi, I’m Nicki from South Carolina. I’m a Director of Human Resources and I’m the proud mom of a great 20 year old son. The moment for me, the aha moment, was when I lost my immediate family. I lost…



Lost 30 LBS!

Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m from Canada, Edmonton Alberta. I’m married and I have a 17 and a half year old son. Life before Figure 8, I was sedentary. I worked in a sedentary job for about 20 some odd…



Lost 55 lbs!

My name is Masumi. I’m from Japan. I’m a full-time housewife. I have 3 children, and they are 18, 10, and 4 years old. I went from 178lbs to 123lbs with Body FX’s Figure 8. From the age of 35…



Lost 80 LBS!

Hi, my name is Sharon, I’m from South Carolina. I’m 62 years old, I’m a grandma of three little boys, Jaden, Jordan and Keenan, and I’m retired from the Internal Revenue Service after a 37-year career…



Lost 65 lbs!

Hi, I’m Pam from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m a stay at home mom of four kids. Before Figure 8, my life revolved around my kids and my family. Trying to take care of my husband and my kids, and that…

"I have more energy now at 47 than I did at 27."
"Body FX has been great for our relationship..."
"I'm went from size 22 to a size 4!"


Want to hear more from our members? Check them out below!

Adam lost 40.5 lbs!

“I’m a disabled US marine. I battled being overweight my entire life. I’ve tried all kinds of diets, but nothing worked until I found the Body FX Challenge. With the challenge I felt the same fire I felt when I was in the military. In just 12 weeks I lost 40.5 pounds (32 inches overall). Now I have the ‘pop’ and ‘pizazz’ back and I’m super happy! Body FX is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself!

Alicia lost 17 lbs!

“Body FX gave me my figure back! For the past 4 years I used to suck my stomach in all the time and NOW I don’t need to do that anymore. I have accomplished my goal of having a muscular, toned body. For the first time I’m confident wearing a bikini and tight dresses and I feel fabulous! I can feel it and I can see it!”

Jim & Dayana lost a combined 35 lbs in 8 weeks!

“We just got married six months ago and we didn’t want to be that overweight, sluggish couple who goes out and eats unhealthy food all the time. In 8 weeks with the Body FX Challenge, We lost a combined 35 pounds!! NOW we are super excited to go to the beach again!

The Body FX Weight Loss Challenge was so easy to follow. Just drink your shakes and follow the workout schedule. They took the guesswork out of everything!”

Tanya lost 7.5 inches and Steve lost 15.5 lbs!

“We are parents of two boys and we’ve been super active all our lives. Now, being in our 40’s, It’s been harder and harder to stay fit. Before the Body FX Challenge, we both were slow and lethargic. Now we have abs again, and it feels great! Protein FX is tremendous for weight loss. It makes us feel full right away and to top it all off, it is so tasty! The biggest motivation for us was the people in the community. They all are going through the same journey with us. We couldn’t wait to go online and see everyone’s progress. It made us accountable to each other and ourselves! Being part of this program has literally changed our lives!


“I’m a 54-year old retired Naval officer. The last few years I let myself go and my body started paying for it; blood pressure went up, cholesterol went up. The Body FX Challenge gave me a brand new body! I lost 44 pounds. This was way beyond my imagination and the goals I set for myself. NOW I’m off of my cholesterol medicines. My blood pressure is down 20 points. I had to buy brand new pants because the old ones were falling off of me. The Body FX supplements work! They got me going in the morning and kept me from eating too much during the day. I can’t believe the 44 pounds are GONE!!! I feel 20 years younger! I’m believe the 44 pounds are GONE!!! I feel 20 years younger! I’m a brand new Tom!”

Amber lost 31 lbs in 8 weeks!

“I have struggled with my weight for the past 17 years. After 2 pregnancies, I decided I had to do something for myself and I found the Body FX Challenge. After 8 weeks, I’m down 31 pounds and I have lost 11.75 inches around my belly. It feels great to look like I’m not pregnant anymore. The Body FX Company, the products and the people have been a life changing experience for me! Thank you!”

Marty lost 30.5 lbs in 8 weeks!

“I’ve always struggled to lose that last 30 pounds for years, and with the Body FX challenge I finally did it! In 8 weeks I lost 30.5 pounds and over 7 inches around my waist, and now I have ABS! I’ve been a type-2 diabetic for 15 years and I’ve never been this low and this normal in my sugar levels in 15 years. I can honestly say that the Body FX Challenge has helped save my life!”

Lauren lost 14.1 lbs in 8 weeks!

“Body FX has helped heal me from the inside out. I was on a steady spiral further and further downhill until I found the Body FX Challenge. The combination of the supplements and the steady workouts helped reset 7 years of abuse on my body. I truly believe Body FX saved my life! I have found a family away from home. I am forever grateful to Body FX.”

Joy lost 42 inches in 8 weeks!

“I’m a mother of 4 and I have shrunk 42 inches with the Body FX Challenge! It’s definitely possible! I finally have flat abs. I can feel muscle everywhere now. And it is so amazing! I have not worn a tight dress for 10 years and to be able to put one on now, show my curves and feel sexy… I feel so excited! To all the moms out there, anything is possible. I was not only able to lose the inches… but also it made me believe myself!”

Daniel lost 71 lbs!

“71 pounds ago I had so much trouble with moving, I would be so slow. Now I feel so much better. My stamina is great! I’m able to run now! I just saw my cousins and they were hugging me and telling me how I’m disappearing. It’s a GREAT feeling!

Thank you Body FX for helping me to lose 71 pounds!

I would not have done it without you!”

Crystal lost 19.5 lbs and 21 inches in 8 weeks!

“I’m an accountant and I sit at a desk all day. I’m able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want and because of that I packed extra pounds over the years. I started the Body FX Challenge and it did a tremendous job in my life! I’ve lost 19.5 pounds and overall 21.75 inches. I was so motivated by the Body FX community. Seeing other people’s results, other people’s reactions made me just go, ‘Yes, I’m tired but I need to get my butt up!”


“With Figure 8, I literally lost 80 pounds. I went from basically a 22 dress to a size 10 dress. I see a waist that I never had, I’ve never seen an indention in the waist. The way I fit in my clothes, it just gives me a really really big smile. I’m amazed at how I fit my clothes. My biggest non-scale victory- sat down and put the seatbelt on and I pulled it and I was like, wow! And right then and there, I took a picture of how much room I had on the belt and I posted it on social media and it was amazing. It still amazes me.”


Our Transformation Club has over 150K members from all over the world who post about their challenges and victories every day. Join today and say hello!

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